02/ 2004

I Wanted To Do What They Do!

JOSEPH WILLIAMS' unique voice makes the hearts of Melodic Rock Fans worldwide go faster and faster, ever since he shared lead vocals on TOTOs milestones "Fahrenheit" and "The Seventh One". Six years after the release of his last solo album "3", which was only released only in Japan, JOSEPH WILLIAMS finally returns to his classic 80s roots with his latest project - VERTIGO. As it´s been quite a-long-time-no-hearing-thing, ROCK & METAL HEAVEN took the chance to talk to Mr. "I can´t stop loving you" ... and this is what he had to say :

F: The songs on "Vertigo" were exclusively written by external songwriters - After which criteria did you chose the songs on the last CD?

JW: First off let me say how sorry I am for answering these questions so late .......
Anyway, Frontiers sent out a CD with about 20 or 30 songs . Either demos or previously released recordings. Add to that a few tunes that my manager and friend Joey Carbone had written.
I then sat with Joey and we picked the ones that sounded like they would best suit the concept of the Vertigo project. Meaning songs that had a distinctive 80's feel. Then of course we looked for the ones best suited to my voice and style. That was pretty much it!

F: Is VERTIGO only a one-off band project or are further releases planed?

JW: My hope is that we will do a series of these records and hopefully back them up with some live shows but all of this depends on Frontiers Records!

F: Which song on "Vertigo" are you most keen on?

JW: There are many that I really love. All for different reasons! The one that felt the best to sing was "Sarah". I had the most fun with that one. The most interesting and satisfying one to do was "Vertigo" I loved the contrast of the verses and the chorus. And from the stand point of re-living the old glory days of TOTO, I would pick "Not Enough Hours In The Night"!

F: Which projects are you momentarily working on and when can we expect a new release, if that is so?

JW: Right now I am continuing to write film and TV scores. The latest was an American TV show Called "The Lyons Den" starring Rob Lowe. I worked on that one with Emmy Award winning Composer W.G. Snuffy Walden. As for the next Joseph Williams solo album or the next Vertigo Project, well time will tell! I am surly hoping to get another one going as soon as possible. It just depends on the interest of record companies (like Frontiers) and/ or privet investors!

F: As "Simba" in the musical "The Lion King" you have gained great success - What do you think is the primary meaning of this tale?

JW: Well, first off I should say how lucky I feel to have been involved with such a Classic like Disney's "The Lion King" - It was a dream gig! As for the meaning of the story. Well, I see it as a tale of the passing from childhood into manhood and all the anxiety and growing pains that go with it. It is also very much a Father/ Son story!

F: Please give a short description of which crucial experience moved you to be a professional musician:

JW: That's easy! Watching my Mother perform Live as a singer. And watching her act in the movies and of course watching my Father compose an conduct music for films. And most of all ...THE BEATLES! I wanted to do what they do!

F: Meanwhile your solo-releases have turned into hardly available rarities - are there any concrete plans for re-releases?

JW: None right now that I know of. But I hope the companies that own them would make them more readily available!

F: Which artist did you last see live?


F: Please tell me which CD you bought last and which are your TOP 5 favourite albums (that stuff you'd take with you, while spending some time on a lonely island ...)

JW: The last CDs I bought were TRAIN, THE BARE NAKED LADIES and a new copy of LED ZEPPELINs "The Song Remains The Same". As for albums to take to an Island? All the BEATLES albums ever made, all the LED ZEPPELIN albums ever made, All the STEELY DAN albums ever made, all the STEVIE WONDER albums ever made, and all the "Movie Scores" I could get my hands on!

F: Which were your 3 best and 3 worst experiences in music business?

JW: Best experiences: Star Search (1984)... Joining TOTO (1986)... Touring with the Jay Graydon All-stars (1994-1996)
Worst experiences: Losing Star Search... Being Fired From TOTO... and Roswell getting cancelled! Roswell was a TV show I was the composer of for three years (1999-2002) It was the greatest Job I have ever had... So Far!!!

F: When will there be a chance to see Joseph Williams live and are performances also planned in Europe?

JW: As I said it before! I hope to play again live very soon! Especially in Europe! Take Care...

1. Not enough hours in the night
2. Straight to your heart
3. More than enough
4. Never let you go
5. I don´t want to go
6. I want to be wanted
7. China sky
8. Love is blind
9. When it doesn´t matter
10. Sarah
11. Vertigo
12. I don´t want to go (remix)
13. More than enough (remix)

"Vertigo" (2003/ Frontiers Records/ Soolfood)


"Vertigo" (2003/ Frontiers Records)

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