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... much more progressiv, tight and fast

Songwriter and keyboarder Richard Anderson is best known as the founder of MAJESTIC. Because of some problems with his business partners of that time, he has decided to put MAJESTIC on ice and to venture a new beginning with TIME REQUIEM. On account of the fact that TIME REQUIEM nearly consists of the same musicians like MAJESTIC, it was occasion enough to be asked a little bit more exactly.

S: Is TIME REQUIEM the sucessor of MAJESTIC? Because almost the completely Line-up of MAJESTIC takes part.

RA: The band MAJESTIC does not exists anymore; it's put on ice from now on. And that is very important to notice. Second! I have not changed the name from one thing into another. MAJESTIC is history as far as I concern. I might do something in the future with MAJESTIC but not at this particular moment. This decision was made almost over a year ago. So I have put all that shit behind me. Today I am working with professional and hard working people. Since my goal in life is to create music totally free from interruptions like business ship, record contracts etc. I now have decided to put MAJESTIC on ice for a while. Further partnerships with present business partners were impossible. I was not satisfied with the job they did with Majestic. I am not feeling very sad about the situation, because creating the soul and spirit of Majestic has made me into the musician I am today. Luckily I already have had in mind for a half a year or so, an idea about developing my music into something more aggressive and powerful but still with strong and beautiful melodies. The result of a year of composing became a mix of progressive neoclassical metal and melodic power metal. So! Now I have got the opportunity to work with professional people and it is also the right time to use this good material in a way that will blow the metal scene away for a day or two. This new band has nothing to do with MAJESTIC and the great spirit of that band, which is very important to mention. My new soul work and band is called TIME REQUIEM, and will take this neoclassical- progressive- metal music into a new dimension both for me and hopefully for you as well. Fast, tight, melodic and very powerful. I will work with some of the great musicians from Majestic, but also with some new fresh blood in form of an extremely brilliant bass player named Dick Lövgren. Wow! The man is really kicking some serious ass.

Richard Andersson
S: Where do you see the main difference between both MAJESTIC-albums and the TIME REQUIEM-debut? Finally, you are the floating force behind both bands

RA: Time Requiem is much more progressive, tight and fast. You still have these certain melodies but that's because I have composed all the music. As far as I concern MAJESTIC was more hard rock music and TIME REQUIEM is more like heavy metal.

S: The debut sounds, as if it was from one casting. A matter about a concept-album?

RA: This time the songs are more complex and interesting. You have so many certain movements and different feelings that it immediately starts your mind blowing away. It's not a concept album. Each and every song has it's own little story. It's about life and death, good and evil. You know things I've been thinking about these past two years. I've been through a lot of shit and begin to be less naive.

Apollo Papathanasio
S: Which song has demanded you mostly and why?

RA: "Time Requiem" the title song. I wrote that song when we came home from the tour with SYMPHONY X. I was really inspired by this great band. According to me it's the best song I've ever written. It contains everything from neoclassical parts to strong progressive and angry parts.

S: Which expectations do you have in "Time Requiem"?

RA: I truly hope it will get what it deserves. I mean great promotion all over the world. I think it is very nice hearing from people in strange parts of the world have found my cd. I also would like to promote and do a lot of touring so I can meet the fans and people that like my music.

S: I have read that you have cooperated short time with Yngwie Malmsteen. What has become from it? Did we came sometime again to the pleasure of this co-operation?

RA: That's right. Yngwie and me are good friends and we speak over the phone occasionally. I was at his home and studio for a couple of weeks playing around with some of his ideas during 2000. We did get along real good together. He is a funny guy with a big and warm heart. Sometimes misunderstood I think. According to me he is one of the greatest guitar player of modern time. He is also a good composer. I have nothing but good to say about this guy. But! Unfortunately it was a matter of bad timing joining his band. I was hooked up with the "Trinity Overture" record and stuff related to this project and the second time I was asked I was busy recording TIME REQUIEM. So! Maybe in the future! Who knows! There is no reason not working with a great musician.

Magnus Nord
S: Is there any musican, which you would like to cooperate?

RA: No not really! I am satisfied with the members of my band. Sometimes I do some guest playing, but only if I like the music. You see! I'm extremely satisfied working with music by myself.

S: What are your future plans?

RA: Give this new Time Requiem cd a fear chance. Then I would go on touring and compose off course, compose, compose and more compose. I love it!!!

S: How do you see the future of the hard rock- and heavy metal szene?

RA: I have only heard a few good bands in the latest ten years. SYMPHONY X is one of them. They are very good musicians and the music is perfectly done. Arjen Lucasson is a Dutch guy who is creating very good and interesting music. His band AYREON is excellent with good musicians used in a good way. The latest DREAM THEATER record was really interesting as well. Good sound and well performed

S: Richard, thank you for this interview and a lot of success with TIME REQUIEM.

RA: Thank you very much! Nice questions!

1. Time Requiem
2. Watching The Tower Of Skies
3. Milagros Charm
4. The Aphorism
5. Brutal Mentor
6. Visions Of New Dawn
7. Grand Opus
8. lnterplay Of Matter
9. Above And Beyond

"Time Requiem" (2002 / Regain Records/ Soulfood)


"Abstract Symphony" (1999)
"Trinity Overture"

"Time Requiem" (2002)

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