04/ 2003

Lights, Camera, Action!

Marc Ferrari is probably known to most people as guitarist of bands like KEEL, COLD SWEAT or MEDICINE WHEEL. Now he is just coming around the corner with his second solo work called "Lights, Camera, Action!". Reason enough to get in touch with the diligent businessman for an interview. Let's start!

S: Can you tell us how you begun your musical career?

MF: I started playing guitar when I was 9 years old and have been in bands ever since I was 13. In 1984 I moved to Los Angeles and joined KEEL... I recorded a total of five albums with them before leaving to form COLD SWEAT.

S: What have been the high and low points of your career?

MF: High points include playing with BON JOVI for six weeks, touring Japan and Europe, andopening up for VAN HALEN in front of 80,000 people. Low points are when tours get cancelled, sales are slow and playing dumpy clubs!!

S: In the meantime you' ve written a book. Could you tell us something more about it?

MF: The book is called "Rock Star 101" and it's both a little autobiographical and also a reference book at the same time. You can find out more information at this website:

S: Your first solo album "Guest List" was release in 1995. Why had we to wait eight years for the successor?

MF: I also released three MEDICINE WHEEL CDs between them, don't forget!! I am always busy doing something!!!

S: What is the main difference between "Guest List" (1995) and "Lights, Camera, Action!"?

MF: They are similar I think in both the style and subject matter of the songs as well as some of the musicians who played on it, however on "Lights, Camera, Action!" there is broader range of styles, like Metal, Blues, Pop, etc.

S: You have already cooperated with some exception singers. Is there still any special name on your list of presents?

MF: I have known everyone from the L.A. Scene, or they were friends of friends, such as the case with Todd Taylor. Steve Plunkett was a guest on my last solo CD "Guest List," and have known him since 1985. Bob Reynolds was from a band called GRAVE DANGER which recorded an album for MCA but was never released...I saw him play in the clubs and thought he had a great voice. Keith St John was the singer on the 2nd MEDICINE WHEEL CD. Jeff Wilson was in a band called SOUL KITCHEN on Giant Records...Stan Bush and Todd Smallwood were both people I had always admired and wanted to write with...

S: Which is your favorite song on the CD and why?

MF: It changes from day to day, but I've always liked Depths of my Soul, Capture The Dream and Run The Road, for its aggressiveness...

S: About which themes do you write gladly?

MF: Power, passion, emotion, action, lust...those come to mind...

S: Have you never thought to record a pure instrumental album?

MF: No... I've always been a song person... my favorite artists growing up were bands, not instrumentalists so I've always been more song-orientated... there are a lot of players much better than I am who are better at instrumental records!!

S: Which expectations do you have in "Lights, Camera, Action!"?

MF: I hope it does well enough to allow me to do another one!!!

S: There are any plans for touring in Europe?

MF: I would love to put an "all-star" band together and come over for some dates... we'll have to see how the response to the CD is first!!

S: What are your future plans?

MF: To continue to write and play good old-fashioned commercial hard rock!!

S: Is there something else what you would like to tell our readers?

MF: Just to say "thanks" for their continued support and I hope I get a chance to meet everyone if I come to Europe!!!

01. Run The Road
02. Caution To The Wind
03. Wheelin' And Dealin'
04. Off The Deep End
05. Chance Of A Lifetime
06. Right On The Money
07. The Beat Of My Heart
08. Bad Mofo
09. To Hot To Sleep
10. Capture The Dream
11. Depths Of My Soul
12. The Story Of My Life

"Lights, Camera, Action!" (2003 / Z Records/ Point Music)

"Guest List" (1995)
"Lights, Camera, Action!" (2003)

with KEEL:
"Lay Down The Law" (1984)
"The Right To Rock" (1985)
"The Final Frontier" (1986)
"Keel" (1987)
"Lager Than Live" (1989)
"Back In Action" (1989)

"Breakout" (1990)

"First Things First" (1994)
"Immoral Fabric" (1997)
"Small Talk" (1999)

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